Clear bag policy goes into effect at MSU Texas home opener

Clear bag police goes into effect

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Before MSU fans could begin tailgating outside Memorial Stadium, some had to make a few changes.

Their typical purses and tote bags were ditched for clear bags, part of MSU Athletic’s new policy for all of their games.

For sports fan Karen Martin the transition wasn’t anything noticeable.

“I carry a lot of stuff and you can’t get in with certain size bags so a clear bag comes in handy,” said Martin.

MSU’s athletic director said the main reason behind the policy was safety.

“We want to make sure that we are doing everything we know to do,” said Kyle Williams, “that they can feel good about coming out to one our events and feel safe and secure.”

Which Martin agrees is necessary...

“We don’t have x-ray machines," she added, "they don’t have us going through the metal detectors so I agree that we should have clear bags so we can see who’s coming in with what,”

... but MSU junior Amanda Therkeld said she feels torn on the matter.

“I understood why but I kind of thought it was silly because I’ve never seen anyone bring bags but I can see their concern. Just because it’s transparent doesn’t mean you can’t get something in,” she said.

She said if she hadn’t already had a clear bag from a previous event, finding one for tonight would have been a hassle.

“A lot of places still aren’t selling transparent bags and if they are it’s still not meeting the requirements because there’s something on it that’s blocking the view or doesn’t meet the size requirements,” Therkeld said, “so you really have to keep going to different stores to make sure you find one.”

And for a college student, it’s money being spent, she feels, unnecessarily.

“So there goes ten dollars you could have spent on electricity,” she said.

But as Martin points out...

“It’s not ever going to help to argue.” She added, “just take a clear bag because they’re not going to let you in. They’re going to make you walk all the way back to your car and get rid of your purse.”

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