Police: Suspected drug overdose kills 3, sickens 4 in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (Gray News) - Three people have died and four have been hospitalized Sunday in what Pittsburgh Police said was an isolated group drug overdose.

Police said the victims were wearing orange wristbands as part of a party or event, but authorities said the suspected drug overdose medical emergency happened after the group arrived at the apartment.

“However, police are concerned about a tainted, potentially deadly batch of drugs in the community. We remind the public not to use drugs. Simply put: You do not know what’s in that drug,” the police said in a news release.

Those hospitalized range in condition from serious to critical, police said.

It was unclear what drug or drugs were involved.

Police responding to a call Sunday morning found five victims in an apartment, one in elevator outside the apartment and one on a street.

According to media reports, all of the victims were men in their 30s.

Authorities said there’s no indication of safety concerns with the apartment building.

The apartment building management said the men weren’t residents.

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