WF Red Cross van robbed while helping Houston victims

Red Cross of Wichita Falls robbed while helping down in Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (TNN) - Residents in South Texas are suffering from severe flooding due to Hurricane Imelda, causing multiple people to lose their homes and possessions.

While down in Houston, helping those affected by the flooding, the Wichita Falls’ chapter of the red cross was robbed.

Katrina Farmer, the regional disaster officer for the north texas red cross, and the rest of the north texas disaster relief crew, have been coming into Houston since Wednesday.

On Sunday night, Farmer said the group wanted to decompress from the trying day, and picked a restaurant with a well-lit parking lot.

By the time dinner was done, the back window of their van had been broken into and the inside cleared. While bags of clothes and important documents were later found, important technology has not been recovered. Personal and company laptops and cell phones, thumb drives with their recovery plans while they’re down there: all gone.

Farmer said for today, everyone on the team is sharing phones and laptops and trying to maintain a positive attitude. She said the lost they’ve encountered is nothing like the loss people in Houston are experiencing.

“The loss that we had last night, nobody was physically injured, and so while we did lose items and it was a little scary for us for a while, we are OK and we are mission focused today,” said Farmer.

She added, “I cannot express to you how important it is for us to realize that what happened to us, while a little scary and was a little tragic. it was nothing compared to what the people here in South Texas are dealing with.”

She said it’s been a transition while the team figures out new game plans using only pens and paper.

She and the rest of the disaster relief crew are expected to be in Houston for another two or three weeks.

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