U.S. Census work underway

US Census work begins

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Census workers have been in Wichita County, Montague County and more starting the preliminary work for 2020′s census.

“They’re using census issued laptops or tablets, they will follow maps on the device and ensure addresses match the map the census has,” partnership coordinator Jennifer Pope said.

Address canvassers are close to finishing their jobs, making sure every address is logged by the census.

They want to make sure everything is correct, or else the cities will feel the effects.

“For every person within Texas they’re estimating with 2020 undercount it equates to 1,576 dollars per person per year that we will lose coming within this state,” Wichita Falls planning administrator Karen Montgomery said.

That money going towards important things in every community...

“That money is spent on schools, hospitals, roads, public works and other vital programs,” Pope said.

Which is why Pope and Montgomery both stress for everyone to fill out their census forms.

This year it’s even easier to do, with online and phone options on top of the tradition mail-in paper, because a wrong census can mean so much to a community.

“Even a local entrepreneur looking at expanding or taking their business from a home-based business to a storefront location they’re going to look at census data they’re going to look at where’s the best location, they’re going to look at workforce data,” Montgomery said.

For a full list of available census jobs, click here.

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