Here’s what happened at the Wichita Falls city council meeting

Here’s what happened at the Wichita Falls city council meeting
Wichita Falls city council regular meeting October 1, 2019. (Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Highlights from the October 1, 2019 Wichita Falls city council meeting:

Lake Wichita Boardwalk funded and bidded

WF City Council: Lake Wichita

The project has a final cost of $1.286 million. The final funding from the 4B fund, as well as the contract bid, were approved by city council for a project that the mayor says is a long time coming.

“Once we bang the gavel today, I think Russell’s going to go upstairs and he’s going to start moving through the process as quickly as possible. We’re a long time coming and it’s nice to see that we actually have the funding behind it to get the project complete,” said mayor Stephen Santellana.

Project completion date is expected to be June 2020.

Two more of the final phases of the Circle Trail receive funding

WF City Council: Circle Trail

$742,347.50 was approved this morning to help complete two of the last three phases of the trail. These portions extend from Seymour Hwy to Barnett Rd, and the portion around Larry’s Marina.

Mayor Santellana adds that one of the biggest things holding the city back is getting approval from the railroad company that runs adjacent to where trail construction would take place.

“Just like the speed of government, apparently the speed of railroad is the same,” he said, “it’s a long arduous process to get that approved. We’re coming very close to getting the trail complete. We’re probably a few years away from getting the whole thing complete.”

The deadline to get construction completed on one of those final three phases is October 2020 in order to keep a TxDOT grant. The city says they are working on finalizing bids and a final budget.

Avenue S near Kell Blvd rezoned for commercial

WF City Council: Kell Blvd Rezoning

Close to eight acres of land alone Avenue S in Wichita Falls is being rezoned in commercial property.

City leaders say the area has been transitioning from residential to commercial since the 1980′s, and add this phase is the final portion as the area continues to grow.

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