Hometown Pride Tour: Students building alternative to expensive prosthetics

HTP: Burk HS Robotics Team

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Replacing prosthetic limbs for children as they grow each year can cost families upwards of $10,000. Ryan Kennaley and the robotics class at Burkburnett high school have a solution.

“This only cost a couple of dollars to make and say you break a finger, well you just print another finger and put it on,” Kennaley said.

They’re 3D printing hands that kids can use, it’s affordable for families that may not be able to afford expensive prosthetics. While the hand they have been working with is made to fit a three year old, 3D modeling allows the size to be scaled up easily. Ryan’s been working on this project since he was a freshman and now in his senior year, his robotics teacher says he came back to help start this project back up.

“He was on the very first group that we started, he was the one that helped build the prototype from the very beginning,” robotics teacher Glenda Moore said. She got the idea for this project after attending a conference where Enabling the Future presented a printed hand to a little girl.

“Her face just got all smiles and everything it was really, and stuff and I thought I want to do that with my kids,” Moore said.

“I’m trying to get more students involved in it so when I do graduate there are people who continues this,” Kennaley said.

The students at Burkburnett High School are part of Enabling the Future, a group of volunteers 3D printing hands and arms for kids for free all around the world, more on their mission can be found here.

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