Lawton competitor wins meat cutting competition qualifier

Texas road house hosts butcher competition qualifiers

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Texas Roadhouse in Wichita Falls put on one of the qualifying rounds of the meat cutting competition on Thursday, Oct. 3. Three meat cutters from West Texas, one from Lawton and one from Wichita Falls all sharpened their knives and went to work.

It was the Lawton competitor, Will Vaughn, who took home the best sirloin and best rib-eye honors and was the overall winner.

Vaughn said “Man it is great to come down and represent but to walk away a champ especially with the competition we have, Pete was a great cutter, Lauri and Richard, even the new guy they are all great cutters everybody we have works really hard and to come down here and win it all. Man it is amazing and the opportunities they provide for us is above anybody else it is legendary. It truly is.”

Vaughn will move on to the nationals in Nashville, Tennessee to compete for a $20,000 prize.

The meat was judged based on specific dimensions, weight and how much fat is allowed.

Ricardo Rodriguez, Wichita Falls competitor, said “They tell me come on be a meat cutter but I didn’t want to, it was too cold inside but I tried it and liked it, it is good in there, you work by yourself nobody bothers you.”

Vaughn said “Man it is great to come represent my store, this company is an awesome company to work for, they go out of their way for their people and just to represent Lawton. In a predominantly Texas market, we are the only store in Oklahoma right now for our market so to come down here and represent us it is really a great feeling and opportunity to move on in the company.”

At the end of the day it’s not all about the competition.

“Just to get these guys in here to give them a day to get together, celebrate, have a good time and build them up and to thank them for what they do everyday,"said Lyle Gay, product coach. "That’s the best part of this.”

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