WFISD food service members encourage use of local produce

WFISD food service members encourage use of local produce

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - It’s Farm to School Month and WFISD was at the Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday, Oct. 5 to celebrate by highlighting the use of fresh fruits and vegetables within the schools.

Emily Kincaid, Chartwells K12 Marketing Specialist and Food Service for WFISD, said “There’s three things we’re trying to accomplish with this. The first is that we’re wanting to get kids in touch with where their food is coming from and why it’s beneficial to source foods from places that are closer to home. Also, there’s a nutrition factor. When we feed WFISD students, we’re quite literally feeding the future so it’s really important that we have the best nutritious food possible."

Kincaid said WFISD is adding a local component by sourcing their produce items from local farms and by partnering with Morath Orchards.

“And finally, taste,” Kincaid said. "When something comes from places that are closer to home it smells better, it looks better, it feels better and it tastes better. We find that the students really respond to that. Those are the three main things we’re trying to accomplish for Farm to School month.”

WFISD food service members were serving cucumber-tomato salad samples. They used cucumbers, tomatoes and onions all from Morath Orchards and created a dressing by combining olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and a touch of sugar.

Kincaid said “We encourage the community to incorporate these same ideas into their homes. It’s one thing for us to do it in the schools and reach the youth but this can apply to anybody. It’s beneficial to our local farmers but it’s also beneficial to individuals and our community as a whole.”

The WFISD food truck was also in the area serving western burgers with the sides all made by using local produce. They also served an “appleslaw” which is similar to coleslaw but made with apples.

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