6th street ramp exit back open after repairs

6th street ramp exit back open after repairs
Wichita Falls crews work to repair a broken water main on 6th street yet again.

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Another part of the water main on the 6th Street exit ramp burst over the weekend. This break came after an initial break just two weeks earlier. Wichita Fall officials attribute it to aging pipes.

The 6th Street ramp on the I-44 & US-287 Northbound freeway is now open again.

“We now have more buildings. Everybody wanted to have housing, so now we have 2-3 more places that have housing. That’s 30-40 more toilets flushing, more showers, so that adds to that load of infrastructure, so we going to have to do some more planning around that,” said Mayor Steven Santellana.

While each year the city’s budget includes money for rehab and repairs, Mayor Santellana said those funds only go so far.

“We could use millions, millions more dollars to get things to replace old clay line old cast iron lines that are underground that we know that we need to replace that have rusted out. With X amount of dollars, you can only do X amount of work,” said Mayor Santellana.

The Wichita Falls Director of Public Works Russell Schreiber said they do their best to identify and keep track of problematic areas and that’s where they usually focus those rehab dollars.

“This particular water main doesn’t’ have a lot of history on it. But that does not mean that it may not be about to start. So we will keep an eye on it. If we have another leak or two on it, we will certainly put it in the replacement program.” said Schreiber.

A bond for downtown street and infrastructure failed to get enough votes in May 2018.

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