Base Camp Lindsey looking to purchase WF property

Base Camp Lindsey looks to buy WF property

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Base Camp Lindsey, it’s an organization in Wichita Falls with a big plan, they want to make sure every homeless veteran in north Texas has a place they can call home. They’ve found a place to lay the groundwork for their projects and it’s an old nursing home now owned by the city of Wichita Falls.

“It's going to be an assisted living facility exclusive to veterans. Nobody else has that, we call that our cradle to grave scenario,” board chair for Base Camp Lindsey Steve Halloway said.

Purchasing this building and operating out of it allows them to see how much of a demand there is for this kind of care.

“That will tell us how much of a hurry we need to be in for this facility,” Halloway said.

Their long term goal is a tiny home village for homeless veterans. It will include around 50 homes and a community garden. Halloway says on any given night there are around 70 to 80 homeless vets in the city.

“We want to bring them into our program, find out what got them homeless, fix that, get them job skills, get them finance skills, find them a place to live, and then let them graduate from our program,” Halloway said.

They are also getting help from the community, partnering with Red River Hospital. “We have outpatient capabilities that we can treat patients or treat the residents of the community of Base Camp Lindsey,” CEO of Red River Hospital Jon Lasell said.

He’s an army veteran himself, and helping serve veterans is what he enjoys.

“This gives me an opportunity to continue to give back to the veterans in a way that just more than just a job,” Lasell said.

If you want to get involved, next month is their March of Honor, where participants hike ten miles with 25 pounds of nonperishable food in their backpack. Hikers can march in honor of a veteran or active duty service member that’s in their lives. You can find out more about their mission on their Facebook page.

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