Latino business are on the rise in WF

Hispanic Heritage Month

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - It's Hispanic Heritage Month, and Wichita Falls has seen an influx of Latino businesses all around town. Two businesses that have been around for over a decade share their experiences and keys to their success.

"Sometimes I'm like I want to go and get a regular job, so I know I got a steady paycheck coming. Sometimes it gets hard like I didn't make enough this week ill make it up next week, said Moreno.

Larry Moreno does it all car repairs, landscaping, a mobile carwash, and owns a tire detail shop.

The business owner says it's not always glamorous, but with the support of his community, he been able to hang in there.

" We started getting really busy from word of mouth, or they get on our google deal and leave a review. Even with other business owners, if I do something good for them, they will be like ill help you out," said Moreno.

The owner of Sevi's burrito, Patricia Barron, agrees.

she says in her 40 years of business support from the community and looking out for one another---has been key to longevity and success

"It is grown with a lot of Hispanic people, especially Hispanics from Mexico, they are coming down and starting businesses. I had several businesses, one the Gutierrez, and that little girl and her mom and her brother worked for me for years," said Owner of Sevi's

Now that little girls own her own business, the Gutierrez Family Restaurant on the east side of Wichita Falls.

All of the many stories Barron shared all tie back to treating everyone like family.

"I have a competitor right next door to me. I was her first customer. I went over there to welcome her and let her know she was not a competition for me. I think there are enough people here to feed for all of us to live it not to get rich but to live and be happy with what they have, said Barron.

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