Vaping dangers continue to rise

Vaping illnesses continuing to rise

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The CDC reports Wichita County falls into Texas Health Region 2/3, it’s got the most cases of lung disease linked to vaping. It’s causing permanent damage and medical experts know that it’s connected but not why it’s happening.

“We don’t want anyone using them because we see the effects with the inflammation in the lungs and the health issues, so it's a serious matter,” Carmella McBeth with Red River Hospital said.

Right now medical professionals and the CDC simply don’t know what’s causing these vaping related illnesses.

“They can see some of the effects that’s causing the current effects, but really don’t have a handle on the long term effects that it is causing,” McBeth said and explained that even vapes you can buy at the convenient store are still harmful. “We’re even seeing people with those that are not bought off the street, that are bought in the stores having inflammation in the lungs.”

But on top of the dangers that come with normal nicotine vaping, adding extra things to them is making it worse.

“When you add different additives to what's already there the chemicals that are already there, we don’t know, or the kids don’t know, or people in general don’t know the effects that it would have,” McBeth said.

The Public Health District of Wichita County has stepped up saying this problem needs to be addressed.

“We could find ourselves in a dire situation because of electronic nicotine delivery systems or people who use electronic nicotine delivery systems,” health educator for the Public Health District Amanda Kennedy said.

They’ve got a class coming us to help people try and overcome their tobacco addictions and it's timing of it all is purposeful.

“The issues surrounding the vape devices right now and then also because the last week in October is red ribbon week in schools,” Kennedy said.

The classes that the Health District are hosting will begin Tuesday, it’s free to attend but you must go to all four classes to complete the course.

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