WFISD School Board focus sights on two high school model

WFISD School Board focus sights on two high school model

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - This fall the Wichita Falls ISD School Board has been having meetings where they solely talk about their long range facility plan. They held another one Tuesday night where they focused on plans for a two high school model.

School Board President Elizabeth Yeager said of the meetings so far, “I think we're able to go into more depth and really discuss some of the issues around our current facilities, look at where we want to be 10, 15, 20, 30 years down the road, and make some more informed and detailed decisions before we go back to the voters with a bond package.”

There has not been an official vote, but the board has agreed that two high schools will be the best option for the district moving forward. The size of the schools is where they differ.

Having two equally sized schools would mean two new schools and it could be more costly.

Board member Bob Payton came up with the idea of having one larger school and using the Career Education Center as a smaller non-UIL school. It could cost less but has its own downsides, like how many students would choose to go to a school without extracurricular activities

Superintendent Michael Kuhrt said that is his biggest concern, “Would we really have six to seven hundred students enrolled in that school and forgo all the other things involved in comprehensive high schools?”

Next month, Kuhrt will present cost options for both of the two high school plans discussed at Tuesday night’s meeting.

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