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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - MSU students that have recently returned from the Study Abroad program gathered to share their experiences on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

Dr. Michael Mills, Global Education Office Director, said “We’re very proud of our Study Abroad opportunities because they give us the opportunity to have our students study in a different environment. Students can go and study a number of different subjects. Just about every academic college and almost every major has the opportunity to study abroad.”

Dr. Mills also said most of their programs focus on a comparative study. This includes comparative criminal justice systems, international issues in business and comparative mass media.

Amanda Threkeld, MSU accounting, went to Grenada and London. She said "This experience benefited me in several different ways. With Grenada, I learned a lot more global health and wellness aspects that I still think about all of the time with water, how we do things like vaccinations. As far as London goes, it’s more of an international perspective. Both opened my eyes in different areas and helped me be well rounded in multiple areas.”

The students studied in several different locations including London, Grenada and Spain.

“I think my favorite part about London was the people," Threkeld said. "Not only was the city beautiful but everyone was so accepting, welcoming and always available to talk and to teach you things and [to help] learn the different environments from there but also from Texas. I really got to emerge in that culture based on just hanging out with locals.”

Andrew Wolf, MSU Student Regent and biology and chemistry pre-med, went to Grenada.

Wolf said “We studied at a medical school which was great for me as a pre-med student. I actually got to tour the medical school and kind of see how a medical school student’s life really is.”

MSU’s Study Abroad programs will be expanding to Prague in 2020.

“It benefited me as a person as I got to meet people that were on campus but that I’ve never seen before,” Wolf said. "It’s crazy to think that we didn’t know each other and in 24 hours we were best friends. That was the neatest part of it.”

Kaitlyn Stewart, MSU Marketing and Spanish, went to London and Spain.

“For the first time I went to London, that was my first time traveling abroad so it was a completely new and different experience for me," Stewart said. "I think I gained a lot for the adulting perspective and learning to really be on my own without having family being two hours away from me.

The most recent Study Abroad trip was to London in July 2019 with a total of 104 participants.

Stewart said "Spain really put me out of my element in the sense that there were different customs and they still have a royalty monarch and the president. It’s a completely different language so I needed to really put myself out there to test what I know in Spanish and how I can continue to grow and expand. I think it’s really made me wholesome. For London, it really helped me to narrow down in my research.”

RJ Sayler, MSU Accounting, went to London.

“I wasn’t really big on going the first couple of years," Sayler said. "I’ve always had a good relationship with Dr. Mills and really just decided that this was my last summer to do it before I graduated. I just felt like taking a chance to see what happens. After being there I would recommend it to anybody that wants to go and has the means to do it.”

Preston Sanderson, MSU Business Management, went to London.

“I went to London because I wanted to have an experience outside of the US," Sanderson said. "I had been outside of the US one time previously but I wanted to have an extended period of time that I was outside the US and also the opportunity came up that I could get some hours done that I needed to get done. I decided I was going to go ahead and sign up for Study Abroad and with my grandma’s word of encouragement I made my down payments and ended up going.”

One of the souvenirs Sanderson brought back was a Chelsea FC warm-up jersey.

Amanda Threkeld, Accounting Junior, Grenada and London

Amanda Threkeld Interview - MSU Study Abroad

Andrew Wolf, MSU Student Regent and Biology and Chemistry Pre-med Junior, Grenada

Andrew Wolf Interview - MSU Study Abroad

Kaitlyn Stewart, Marketing and Spanish, London and Spain

Kaitlyn Stewart Interview - MSU Study Abroad

Preston Sanderson, MSU Business Management, London

Preston Sanderson Interview - MSU Study Abroad

RJ Sayler, MSU Accounting, London

RJ Sayler Interview - MSU Study Abroad

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