High School students hold climate protest

Students protesting climate change locally

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Climate Change activists have been protesting all over the US this week. On Friday, Wichita Fall students joined the push to spread awareness.

Two S. H. Rider High School students followed their role model Greta Thunberg’s footsteps. Thunberg is a 16- year-old Environmental Activist who is sparking a movement globally calling on a school strike for climate change every Friday in hopes of getting the attention of lawmakers. The Rider students answered the call and ditched school to hold a Youth Climate Strike at Memorial Stadium.

"We were hoping to have a 50 to one hundred person turn-out, and that did not happen," said Junior Paige Preston.

The students spread the word via posters, flyers, social media.

“We made a QR code that went to a website that had two of Greta Thunberg’s videos so they could get their information from a credible source. We had a “remind me” made to tell people to get their butts out here,” said Junior Rose Blagg.

Though a little disappointed, the girls are happy to spread the word any way they can about a cause they are passionate about.

“Climate change is a real thing that’s happening that a lot of people don’t know about. It affects many things around us. Even one-degree Celcius affects so many things: ice caps start melting and rare species are going extinct,” said Preston.

They say even if you can not make a protest, there are some ways you can conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

“Also, make sure we are telling people that we care about this,” and Preston adds "by making sure we are actively voting and using are vote wisely as well as supporting product that care.

“We need to let our policymakers know that this is an issue and we care about it, and you can’t make change without conversation."

Paige Preston also mentioned that yes, they skipped school as part of or protest but that her father knows and is on board with her mission.

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