Temperature drop affecting tropical plants

Cold weather affecting plants

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - When temperatures start to drop most plants are just fine, but for tropical ones it could spell trouble.

“We can get by on a light jacket today, and so can your plants,” that’s how Paul Dowlearn the owner of Wichita Valley Landscaping explained it. “Tomatoes came out of the tropics, peppers came out of the tropics, so those plants will show some damage around 40 degrees.”

The best thing you can do to keep them safe is to cover them up. “The warmth that's in the ground, the warm air rises, and if you trap that air as it rises, it's going to keep it a few degrees warmer,” Dowlearn said.

You can use shade cloth, which is like cheese cloth to keep the warm air in. It also lets the plants breath and that’s the most important thing.

Owner of Smith’s Gardentown Katherine Smith said you can use a lightweight blanket too, but never use a plastic sheet or bag. It doesn’t breathe so you could kill the plants.

“As a general rule, when it goes from being warm to suddenly cold, make sure your plants are well watered, that really helps them withstand a sudden change in temperature like that,” Katherine said.

“What we’re going to see tonight is not the kind of freeze that going to make all the leaves drop off trees that’s not going to happen, because they’re still kind of warm,” Dowlearn said.

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