How Public Works decides which streets to fix first

How Public Works decides which streets to fix first

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Over a hundred holes from waterline breaks have popped up around Wichita Falls.

Andy Turner and his wife put a lot of effort into making their home look nice when they moved to Wichita Falls from South Carolina this year. “Our first time living in Texas. Friendly people. Wonderful weather so far,” Turner said.

This week they have been met with a bit of an eye-sore on Taft Boulevard. “We had a 4 in. waterline break.”

Turner said he is actually pleased with how fast the city fixed the water. “We went to bed Tuesday night with the assurance that was would be back Wednesday morning, and it was.”

The hole however has not been filled yet, but he said the only downside for him is that the streets are muddy. “It’s a little unattractive.”

So how does the City of Wichita Falls decide which road projects to complete right away, and which ones can take a bit more time?

Turner guessed, “It could be the concentration of the population here. MSU is just down the road.”

Turns out he has the right idea.

Deputy Public Works Director Theresa Rose said, “We do prioritize anything that is in a main thoroughfare. If we have to close lanes or if we have to close a whole entire street, we put all of our efforts and all of our crews onto that section.”

That is why the waterline break on the 6th Street exit, and the one on Galveston and Old Jacksboro Highway were completely fixed in less than 48 hours.

“Our goal is to have most of the holes closed within two to three weeks. Those are usually if they’re more typical repairs, fairly easy repairs to make in a timely manner. Unfortunately there are some areas where it’s a little bit more complex,” Rose said.

Even though driving through construction can be a hassle sometimes, the city’s maintenance crews can rest assured that they at least have one happy customer.

“I was not expecting that type of response from a public utility,” Turner said, “I hope it’s because they’re just that good, and if that’s the case, I’m looking forward to being here for a long time.”

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