Community members give input on potential WFISD long range facility plans

Community members speak out about WFISD long range facility

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Nothing is set in stone yet for what the Wichita Falls ISD wants to include in a bond election for next year.

One thing they do know: there are 26 schools in the district and a student population that’s meant to support only 19.

Today members of the board heard from wary parents and community members on what closing or building new schools could mean for Wichita Falls.

“My job as a parent, since I live in the district, is to make sure they understand what our concerns are,” said Jeanette Perry, whose daughter attends Hirschi High School, “having that face-to-face interaction to see where they are and to see where we are and to kind of try to come together to agree on something, I think that’s important.”

Pastor Angus Thompson of New Jerusalem Baptist Church wanted to give people that face-to-face opportunity.

“We want to be sure that we have some input so that when schools are closed, if they’re closed, that it will not have an unfair impact on our community,” said Thompson.

Thompson said as a religious leader, he hears about the issues residents have with the district. He says he and other ministers play a much bigger role in the community than some may realize.

“We are a large part of Wichita Falls,” added Thompson, “we influence a whole lot of people on Sunday morning.”

Johnson described today’s discussion as fruitful for both sides.

For Perry, she said she realizes there is no perfect solution, but wants to make sure every student in the WFISD has an equal opportunity for success.

“Through our discussions today, maybe that will help them come up with a plan that’s at most beneficial to all citizens in Wichita Falls,” said Perry.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” said Thompson, “and the problems we have didn’t occur in a day.”

The WFISD school board will meet on November 14th to further discuss their long range facility plans.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article mistakenly had Angus Johnson; Angus Thompson is the pastor for New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Wichita Falls, and organized the event.

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