WFISD event helps students prepare for their academic futures

WFISD event helps students prepare for their academic futures

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Parents and students went to the Career Education Center for WFISD’s Creating Successful Students event to get more information about FAFSA, college and other academic endeavors.

“Things are a lot different now than they were even when my student graduated in 2013 but much less than when we graduated as parents," Shonna Norton, WFISD director of social and emotional services, said. "We just want to inform them about some of the things that have changed and we want to help them work through some of the processes, make sure they’re aware of different policies that the district has and things that have changed from graduation requirements from the Texas Education Agency.”

Families were able to choose their own sessions based on their needs, interests and questions. There were also open labs available for seniors that wanted to complete their FAFSA and college applications.

“One of the things that we’re really focusing on is that it’s FAFSA season and that is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid," Norton said. “All of our seniors and their parents can come up and get help applying for their FAFSA. It’s not necessarily a hard process but sometimes there’s some questions and you just want somebody to be able to answer those questions for you.”

Advisers sat down and walked parents and students through the application process.

Norton said it is important to apply for FAFSA early before colleges and 2-year universities distribute the funds to other students.

“We have new things called endorsements and that’s been a little confusing for parents to wrap their heads around and we want to make sure they’re informed about that. Endorsements are kind of like college majors for high school students," Norton said.

Endorsements give students the opportunity to try out different career paths to see if they would be interested in the long run.

“If they are, then that might be something that they want to go on and have a career in," Norton said. "If they’re not, then that might save them from having to change their college major a couple of times.”

The next event is Nov. 9. Doors open at 8:30 a.m. to parents with the first session starting at 9 a.m.

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