Dogs of all backgrounds take home agility titles

Dogs of all backgrounds take home agility titles

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - With barking, buzzers and announcers happening inside the J.S. Bridwell Agriculture Center in Wichita Falls, Scout’s focused on taking home the title of champion.

“He’s got confidence,” said his owner LeAnn Zimmerman, “he loves doing agility.”

But one thing that Scout is not is a purebred.

Zimmerman rescued him while at work one day and used agility has a way to help with his separation anxiety.

Six years later and Scout is on his way towards earning a championship title.

“We’re not quite there yet but we are over the halfway mark,” said Zimmerman.

Other competitors say that’s what keeps them coming back to these trials: the joy and positive transformation they’ve seen in their dogs, just like Christi Pitts and her dog Willlie.

“He doesn’t get excited. He never barks, until he sees me get the agility stuff. He’s a pretty remarkable little dog for me," said Pitts, "and I love him.”

Whether it’s two years, like Christi and Willie, or triple that for Scout and LeAnn, both owners agree that the most important thing is just getting started.

“It’s proof that any dog can do agility,” said Zimmerman, “you don’t have to be a purebred.”

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