Burkburnett commissioners vote against banning flavored vape liquid

Published: Oct. 22, 2019 at 2:22 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Vaping is a hot-button issue around the United States.

Randy Brewster from Burkburnett is one of many concerned parents when it comes to the vaping and the health issues that have been linked to it.

“After school started this year, I had a discussion with my two kids that are in high school about e-cigarettes and the use in school. They told me kids are vaping in classrooms, hallways, school buses, parking lots, locker rooms, basically all over campus,” he said.

As a Burkburnett commissioner, Brewster voted to ban the sale of flavored liquid used in vape devices during Monday night’s city council meeting. “The banning of this is for everybody, and my point of trying to get the council to come to an agreement on this is primarily for our youth,” he said.

While the Surgeon General calls the use of vapes amongst teens as an epidemic, and while there have been over a thousand hospitalized with lung injury cases associated with vaping, the kinds used in most of those cases involved traces of THC.

Stopping kids from taking JUULs – the most popular kind of vapes – into the classroom, has not been easy.

Still it has not stopped some states from temporarily banning the sale of the flavored liquids while the nation’s health experts continue to explore what dangers come from vaping.

Burkburnett would have been one of the first, if not the first city to ban the sale in Texas, but there are a couple of reasons why they did not. Commissioner Jeremy Duff said, “My father in law has been using the flavored e-cigarettes for a couple of years because he was hopelessly addicted to cigarettes and it has helped him ween himself off of cigarettes.”

Commissioner Ted Kwas added, “It's easy to ban stuff but how do you enforce it? Are you going to put another load on the Police Department? Are they going to be the security guards?”

They were also concerned with how a ban would affect retailers that already have the flavored liquids in their stores.

States are not alone in temporarily banning the sale of flavored liquids. Texas A&M System Chancellor banned them from campuses on October 1.

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