Taking care of plants and people during cold weather

Taking care of plants and people during cold weather

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - When the National Weather Service issuing a freeze warning, local gardening experts encourage the community to bring in as many potted plants as possible.

“If you’ve got some tender plants that you want to try and get a few more days worth out of them, you can use something like this frost blanket,” Katherine Smith, co-owner of Smith’s Gardentown, said.

“This is just a light weight fabrics to cover them and it will protect them for three or four degrees worth of temperature. It is not going to protect it if we get way down into the 20s but it will for a short time for some of the tender things you want to last a few more days,” Smith said.

Plants aren’t the only thing to worry about. People being exposed to the elements for extended periods of time without the proper protection can be dangerous.

“You know they all have insulated coveralls and gloves and they work in the environment," Randy West, manager of public affairs at Atom Energy, said. "Believe it or not most of them stay so busy they stay pretty warm. When the weather is real bad we try not to work. In some cases we have to if we have a leak or something like that.”

Construction workers said they typically wear multiple layers, something to cover their head and will even sit in the truck to warm up for a few minutes if they absolutely have to and staying active is the main ingredient that helps them stay warm.

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