WF City Council approves animal ordinance, and incentive employee program

WF CC: Animal Ordinance

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - On November 5 the Wichita Falls City Council held a regularly scheduled meeting.

Animal Ordinance

Tuesday, in what was a busy day for Wichita Falls City Council members the Animal Ordinance was approved, amid growing pressure in the community looking for a resolution. An ordinance that took over a year of revision,s meetings and community feedback culminated in an almost unanimous vote. District 5 Councilor Steve Jackson was the only vote against.

One part of the revision process was to look at fees that have been changed and some actually been reduced like the cost of microchipping .

“It’s huge. I probably received I don’t know 60 of 70 emails from pet lovers and other organizes that really wanted us to get this ordinance in tacked and it a living document its fluid so we will be able to make some changes but we saw the support come out here the chambers were full,” said Mayor Stephen Santanella.

Now that it has been approved by council public health director Lou Kreidler says on to the next steps.

" It really is great to have it approved today and for us to begin to implement the new exciting things that will be in the new ordinance revisions," said Kreidler.

This project was a collaborative effort and thoroughly researched which took some time because the public wanted to make sure all voices were heard.

“I know that some individuals are upset about some of the requirements Livestock changes but those have been in place for many, many years we didn’t change that and we also took out animals been in the back of the trucks needing to be tethered but we did add language to protect those animals,” said Kreindler.

Those changes will go into effect within the next thirty days.

Lake Wichita Project

WF CC: Boardwalk project

WF City Council approved TheLake Wichita Revitalization committee’s request to shaved down part of the boardwalk project in efforts to save money. The boardwalk will go from 190 ft to 160ft long. Helping the group to save more than $80,000 of 4B money. Also, provide a cushion if during construction they run into some unforeseen issues. Any money not used will go back to the 4B board budget.

“The 4B funding wasn’t planned to be part of that project but we had to ask f 4B for some money to award that project because of the bidding process but the point of the matter is that we are trying to limit the impact of the 4B fund and with the change order today we did that,” said Russell Schreiber, Director of Public Works.

Employee Relocation Incentive Program

WF CC: Employee incentive program

Wichita Falls can check another item off the list for its strategic planning goals with the approval of a Brand New Incentive program that will lead by the Chamber of commerce. The 200 thousand dollars approved by the council today will give the chamber the leverage to persuade companies to set up shop in Wichita falls by giving them money to relocation employees as well as give companies like Sharp Iron the one that started this whole thing money to bring skilled employees into the city.

“The real point was to standardize the program after we did the first pilot project with Sharp Iron a few other manufacturers came to us and said we had the same issue can you help me. Rather than have to bring a company to the to 4A board and city council every single time we said lets structure a program and get some funding dedicated for that and now that we have done that, the money is in the budget now, we can go to our employers and say the city has created a program to help you find the employees that you need,” said Henry Florsheim CEO/President, Chamber of Commerce.

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