Bellevue students present living history

Bellevue history presentations

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - History came alive today at Bellevue ISD.

Our crews were there to witness exactly why students and staff have so much fun with this project.

“Today we have the living museum this is our final fun stage of a biography project my students have been working on the last three weeks," said Lori Shoemaker, a Language Arts teacher at Bellevue ISD.

Terry Dunlap, Principal at Bellevue ISD said, “They have read a biography conducted research wrote a poem created a timeline and then created their own monologue that they came dressed up as their characters today and they are performing for our parents and community."

Students did their presentations on historical figures such as Steve Irwin, Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Albert Einstein, Princess Diana and many more.

“as people walk through they’ll push a little button on their finger or on the back of their hand and the kid comes alive and begins to talk about their character, what they did, why they’re famous, when they were born, when they died.”

Shoemaker and Dunlap say they love this event because it requires students to use different skills.

“Writing, spelling, memorization, poetry, it just covers all aspects of her curriculum.”

It also gives children and teachers a chance to think out of the box and outside the classroom.

“I believe that education should be experienced as educators we have the opportunity to be mundane or we can be memorable and i think this is a memorable experience for my students.”

“It gives students an opportunity to learn history but also to make it come alive, we hear about these people, we hear facts, we hear figures, but with this living museum it makes that stuff come alive to these kids, it’s not just a name anymore.”

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