‘It tasted like a horrible liquid prescription’: Mother of triplets says she received tea laced with pills at a restaurant

Mom says she drank sweet tea that police say was laced with pills

RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT/Gray News) - The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after what appears to be pills were found in a tea container at a restaurant. A mother of 1-year-old triplets drank the tea that investigators believe might have been laced.

It happened at the Jimmy John’s near the Augusta Exchange on Halloween, according to a WRDW report.

The family decided against celebrating the spooky night because of the weather, but what happened after dinner ended up being even scarier than any trick-or-treat.

On October 31, a couple went to an emergency room, complaining of stomach pains. On that same day, Mary Alice Cooper was in pain too. The couple and Cooper all had something in common: Tea that was anything but sweet.

"It tasted like a horrible liquid prescription that was just - it was awful," Cooper said.

After the first sip, she immediately threw it out.

The sheriff's office says they cannot confirm what was in the tea. According to the police report, the manager said he knew it was ecstasy, but the reason why he thought that is blacked out.

This mom with triplets says whatever it was put her at risk.

"It scares me because I’m responsible for three children," Cooper said. "I don’t really feel good. I’ve been kind of nauseous. I said just kind of like a headache. I said I’m going to go on head to bed."

Cooper doesn't remember anything else that night, including how one of her baby girls ended up in her bed by the next morning.

"I said, 'I had no idea you put her in the bed,' and my husband said, 'I didn’t,' *pauses* and I said, 'That is really strange because I don’t remember getting her,'" Cooper said.

A Nov. 4 report shows employees found pills in the sweet tea, again. Deputies are not sure how many people drank it or how it got there. This mom doesn't know whether she was drunk, high or simply sick, but she feels lucky it did little damage.

"If it’s meant to give you good feeling or a high of some sorts, it would do that. So if it made you sick, if it made you nauseated,then it could’ve been a bad batch of whatever somebody had," Cooper said.

Officials are still unclear how this happened twice. RCSO says they’re still investigating and Jimmy Johns says it working with the police right now.

Jimmy Johns released this statement: The safety of our products and our customers is our top priority. As soon as we learned of the incident in the Augusta store we notified authorities and are fully cooperating.

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