Local businesses supporting local artists

Local businesses supporting local artists

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Wichita Falls Downtown Development decided that they would extend the After Hours Artwalk another month, but the weather had other ideas.

Most artists who participated found a local business willing to let them set up a booth inside, away from the cold, to showcase their work, but one business downtown says they have an Artwalk everyday.

Local business supporting local artists

Peggy Rogers, an adult cognitive teacher at the Allred Unit and renter of a booth of out Bird of a Feather Vintage Market, held a book signing during the Artwalk tonight to showcase her book, The Undisclosed Cavern. She says the book is fictional but does have plenty of names of her real life friends and family, blending the two together. Rogers said that her students inspired her to take the next step and get the book published.

Rogers said that the variety of vendors in Birds of a Feather is nice for the community to have access to everyday, not just during the Artwalks.

Birds of a Feather, located at 617 Ohio Ave., rents out to over 16 vendors currently and is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

One of the vendors inside is Withershins Menagerie, an alternative supply booth run by Amy and Amy. That is Amy Walker and Amy Trentham, or Mama Withershins and Diamond Eyes among the community respectively. The booth has gained so much popularity among local artists that they’re considering opening an entire location of their own.

The idea sparked by Walker, her daughter Madison Gerber and Trentham wouldn’t be made possible without a business like Birds of a Feather ready to take in the small local artists and host them in a well-known area together, creating a community of their own.

Withershins Menagerie allows local artists to contribute to the menagerie by selling their work at the booth, creating a truly close-knit, no pun intended, community.

Some of the things you can find at the menagerie are crystals, soaps, herbs, candles and vinyl or resin created items.

Amy Trentham, half of the menagerie, has a variety of talents but taking original works and translating them through vinyl work one of the popular ones.

Amy Walker, the other half, is multi-talented as well, one thing she’s known for are pieces made by pouring resin into molds.

Withershins Menagerie also caters to those unable to make it to the shop by offering free delivery. If a customer sees an item online via their Facebook page or website, they will happily deliver the item for free. If a customer lives too far for direct delivery, shipping can be arranged as well.

Both the ladies of Withershins Menagerie are happy with their growing booth and thanks to businesses like Birds of a Feather, they are centrally located in Downtown Wichita Falls.

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