WFPD: New equipment helps improve abilities

Accident reenactment with WFPD

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - If you’re driving down the highway in Wichita Falls, that new device you see on the side of the road will actually be helping clear the roads after an accident.

They’re called FARO 3D Laser Scanners. FARO stands for Flare Activated Radio-biological Observation.

The device takes thousands of pictures of a scene and turns them into a three-dimensional image.

Marc Schwartz, Crash Investigator with the WFPD, said, “It’ll take scans, three hundred sixty degrees horizontally, and then three hundred vertically. So the only area it doesn’t scan is directly underneath the tripod.”

“The way this piece of equipment works is it gets our measurements and key points we need either at an accident scene, or at a crime scene, it takes those automatically through its system and how it captures the data-points and the measurements. Otherwise we would be out there doing it manually," said Wichita Falls Police Chief Manuel Borrego.

Car crashes cause multiple traffic jams each year, which can cause the road to become a crime scene itself.

These laser scanners will help reduce the many hours it takes to investigate a crime or accident scene.

Officials say the laser is so accurate that police are able to take measurements from the image that they might have missed while initially investigating the accident.

Schwartz also said, “Previously when we take measurements we were doing it basically manually, and to be accurate it took us a lot of time to do that. Here with this automated laser, its more efficient, more accurate and can get us in and out of a crime or crash scene quicker.”

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