Red River Valley Museum redesign begins

Red River Valley Museum redesign begins

VERNON, Texas (TNN) - The design team for the Bond Gallery at the Red River Museum started measuring for the planned redesign on Wednesday.

The redesign will reorganize the ways the animals are laid out into sections, like predator versus prey or by biome so that something like an Alaskan Ox isn’t sitting right next to a Louisana Alligator.

“This is the one thing that everyone remembers, they come back just to see the Bond room,” Sherry Yoakum, executive director of the museum, said.

The collection brings together animals from around the globe like the Saiga from Siberia.

It’s an animal that has been devastated by hunting and illness, now a critically endangered species.

This is why the gallery will include a message of conservation something William Bond promoted while hunting.

“Since then a lot has changed in our mindset about hunting, not that this says don’t hunt but just at the end has a conservation message that we’re being aware of the status of other animals,” Matthew Brandeberry, senior exhibit designer for Exhibit Concepts, said.

Teaching younger generations the importance each animal has.

“Initially they were trophy animals so what we want to do is take them and give them an interpretive purpose, so educational approaches, adaptations are a big thing we talk about,” Brandeberry said.

Giving everyone a different view of animals from all over.

“We’ve had hunters that come in and just sit on the couch and look at it because it is so amazing,” Yoakum said.

The museum has some costs of construction left to cover, they are selling tickets for a chance to win a Gator XUV to fundraise. To help out, contact the museum at (940) 553-1848 or their Facebook page.

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