WF receives federal grant for first responder training

WF Homeland Security Grant

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Training, equipment, and exercises are all things that the Department of Homeland Security can help pay for through grants and Wichita Falls has just gotten one.

In total, the city now has $50,000 of grant money to train first responders to handle the behind the scenes work that comes with dealing with emergencies and disasters.

“We can't send three dozen people to be gone from their region you know for long extended periods of time,” John Henderson, Emergency Management Coordinator for Wichita Falls said.

He’s brought that training, to Wichita Falls. This means they won’t have to spend the money to send just two or three first responders across the state to that it. That grant money will pay for five different classes, all dealing with incident management, a role first responders take during emergencies. It's training that's available to personnel from all over Texas, even outside Wichita county.

“I've just got a call from someone with Coast Guard,” Henderson said.

The city is also glad to have these extra funds, as that training isn't coming out of their budget.

“Anytime that the city is able to receive a grant, that’s always beneficial from a cost savings standpoint,” Lindsey Barker, Communications and Marketing Director of Wichita Falls said.

Henderson says while this isn't the work that everyone sees, it's some of the most important work to make sure the job gets done.

“There’s a lot behind the scenes, the logistics of finding facilities, finding porta-potties, you have to feed everybody,” Henderson said.

The training classes will be held alongside the Wildland Fire Academy at the Perkins Scout Reservation in January.

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