Christmas themed fundraiser is spreading holiday joy and helping pets

Fundraising for animal shelter

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - It’s a Christmas scene that’s now in its third year and its spreading holiday cheer while also raising money for the Clay County Animal Shelter.

At Toby McClain’s Henrietta home, he’s turned his entire front yard into a mini festival of lights. It’s a place for families and their fur babies to create their own Christmas photos. This project helps those who can’t travel to Wichita Falls to have family photos made, they can do it closer to home.

“I guarantee you they understand a home once they have one, after being on the street or in a shelter,” McClain said.

He created this space in the hopes that others will adopt a rescue animal, like he did with his dogs.

This space is open to everyone, all he asks in return is a donation to the Clay County Animal Shelter.

“By doing this it gives a couple different avenues for people to enjoy Christmas and it also brings in some much needed items for the shelter also,” McClain said.

All the donations go straight to the shelter. People can even have posters made in honor of their adopted pets’ lives, the cost $35 each and Toby said you can take them home whenever or leaving to be hung up next year. Shelter manager Bonnie Stone couldn't be happier with all of the support.

“It’s one of the most wonderful things that happened to us in the last three years. We do get a lot of support from the community, but Toby really steps up for us,” Stone said.

Toby’s dog Bandy, has become a mascot for it all and when people see her online, the hope you’ll think of giving back.

“When I post posts with bandy I always #BandyToTheRescue because Toby and Bandy always come to our rescue,” Stone said.

This project helps those who aren't able to travel to Wichita Falls to have family photos made, they can now do it closer to home.

“I didn’t realize the need for that until I did this the very first year and heard several people express their gratitude for having the opportunity to do that,” McClain said.

Bandy’s Benefit for the animal shelter will stay open the entire month of December. Toby says there is still some work to be done before everything is finished, but come December first, it will all be ready.

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