Disaster simulation trains MSU Texas students

Disaster simulation trains MSU Texas students
Students performed CPR and checked for other injuries on mannequins in Centennial Hall on Friday. (Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Health science students at MSU Texas got a taste of what a disaster situation could look like, with over 200 students working together with actors and mannequins Friday morning.

Students that go into medical fields won’t have situations exactly like their classes when they start working.

That’s why MSU Texas wants to make them as well rounded as possible.

“We want them to work on their skills as well as their health care skills, but one thing is whenever we have students in the classroom we work on their specific roles and disciplines,” interdisciplinary education director Randy Case said.

Helping nursing students see what radiation technology students can help with and vice versa.

“Especially like the rad-techs I wasn’t aware that they one knew how to start IVs, that they weren’t allowed to push meds, that they could actually do compressions which makes sense I didn’t think about them doing CPR,” senior nursing student Jessie Justiss said.

This is the fifth time the school has done a simulation like this, but the first time in the Centennial Hall.

“The new building that we have allows us such a greater opportunity to allow the students to work together,” Case said.

With more space, they were able to have more students working at a time than they ever could in the past.

“We literally used to have two mannequins that we used to use and now we have seven different rooms that we’re actually using with high fidelity mannequins,” Case said.

Giving the students a valuable lesson before it matters most.

“Learning each other’s roles and communicating better,” Justiss said.

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