Falls Ride after hours bus route first year success

After Hours bus routes

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Falls Rides standard hours are 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. but around this time last year Work Service Corporation went to Wichita Falls with a need to run later at night and today that late-night need is still being served with the Nightcrawler.

This late route has made life easier for Work Services Corporation workers like Tiffany Pariett.

“I love serving the military out here. It makes me feel honored that I get to serve them their food. Some of them have accents from where they are from so I get to greet them and serve them their food,” said Pariett.

However, her past five years have not always been the easiest working at the Sheppard Mess Hall.

“I would have to figure out another way home if my ride falls through. That’s why I love this bus system,” said Pariett.

After talking to employees about what would improve their work experience last year, Work Service Corporation approached Wichita Falls Public Transit officials for help getting their employees to and from work. They were willing to pay for it and they say its working well.

“It helps the employees because they didn’t always have the choice to work the late shift, have an opportunity to work the late shift. It makes them feel secure they don’t have to pay for a taxi or rely on a friend and allows them to expand their horizons,” said WSC Dining Hall Manager Richard Osbourn.

Initially, this started as a temporary thing now it's here to stay.

“We are now up two buses and there are some nights we have to run three and we just diverted one of our normal buses to normally our Sheppard Express," said Public Transportation Administrator Jenny Stevens. “Getting people home or getting them to work or home instead of taking a taxi service or anything like that is something that costs them more.”

WSC says, whether it’s five employees or 20 riders, it’s worth it for and the city is pleased as well.

“Essentially, I think it was one of the best things that Falls Ride has ever made,” said Stevens.

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