Introducing the Wichita Falls Warriors, Texoma’s newest hockey team

New Hockey team name reveiled

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - After a public “Name the Team” contest, the Wichita Falls Warriors emerged as the name for the newest member of the North American Hockey League.

The team announced the name and logo at Highlander Public House with community members in attendance for the reveal.

“We wanted a clean, professional design, something that embodies our organization both on and off the ice,” Warriors owner Mary Anne Choi said.

Wichita Falls Warriors season tickets are now available on or call (940) 337-6570.

According to the team website, season tickets start at $24 a month for the 28 home games.

During the press conference, team president Jason Rent announced that the Warriors have hired a head scout and are in negotiations with a head coach.

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