Porch pirates are on the rise, so are delivery safety measures

These thieves are expected to come out in time for Christmas packages to arrive on America’s...
These thieves are expected to come out in time for Christmas packages to arrive on America’s doorsteps.(Vox)
Published: Nov. 27, 2019 at 11:32 AM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The term, “porch pirates,” came about after packages started disappearing at an alarming rate all over the country.

These thieves are expected to come out in time for Christmas packages to arrive on America’s doorsteps.

Consumers are doing more of their holiday shopping with retailers like Amazon, eBay or through their favorite store’s website. Many of those packages are then delivered to the front porch where they may or may not still be there when the intended recipient gets home.

92% of Americans are expecting to receive at least one online order this Holiday season, according to a report from C&R research of Chicago.

An estimated 36% of Americans have dealt with at least one package theft in the past year, that number is up from 31% in 2017, which shows this is a growing problem.

About 54% of online shoppers are scared of their packages being snatched off their doorstep, and 42% will avoid buying any expensive items online due to that fear. Around 42% said they would feel more comfortable spending $200 or less on online orders.

The 2,000 people in the study said they spend on average $222 on online orders monthly and have roughly 45 packages delivered to their home throughout the year.

Stolen packages are worth an average of $109, more than 80% of victims immediately contact the seller about the issue. Only 13% contact the police. Only 11% said the thieves got caught but 73% said they received a refund for the stolen items.

About 44% of people affected by package theft installed a security or doorbell camera for the peace of mind, the study says. Other security measures include adding motion sensing lights, getting a guard dog and installing a fence or gate. The average cost of executing these security measures was $191.

Shoppers who haven’t lost a package yet are also taking some precautions to make sure porch pirates go unrewarded; things like staying home for deliveries, just shopping in person, choosing in-store pick-up for online orders, requiring a signature for delivery, having their packages delivered to the workplace or sending them to a friend’s or relative’s address, according to the study.

Of the people studied, they all said they won’t let porch pirates ruin their holiday spirit, and many said they, “will keep shopping until they drop."

Information and data gathered from a report by C&R research of Chicago

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