Avoiding porch pirates on the prowl for potential victims this holiday

Avoiding porch pirates on the prowl for potential victims this holiday

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - A Wichita Falls man recently fell victim to a porch piracy.

William Bishop says that when he gets items delivered to his home he usually gets an email notification saying it was delivered.

Sometimes his neighbors, who he trusts, sign for his packages.

But last week was anything but usual.

Bishop received a notification that a costume he had ordered had been delivered and signed for.

When he got home from work, it was nowhere to be found, and none of his neighbors had signed for it. The name of person who did sign is well-known, yet remains a mystery.

“Turns out Homer Simpson had signed for my package,” Bishop said.

UPS sent Bishop a replacement after he told them what happened. However Bishop is still frustrated with the fact that his delivery was stolen, “It is irritating. The fact that I know that people just drive around sometimes and follow the trucks and they'll see stuff dropped off and jump out and grab it if it looks nice.”

This issue is why companies like FedEx are offering pickup locations at places like grocery stores.

Market Street is just one of them located in Wichita Falls. People can also ship from there as well.

“It's a lot safer,” said Market Street Guest Services Supervisor Isaiah Garcia, “Instead of having a package sit outside the house all day, you can pick it up as you’re picking up dinner that night and call it a day.”

To pick up a package from one of FedEx’s pickup locations, a state issued I.D. will have to be shown to verify who the package belongs to.

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