FEMA draws new flood maps in Archer County

Flood maps for Archer Co.

ARCHER CITY, Texas (TNN) - It will now be easier for Archer County residents to find out if their home is in a flood zone.

This is after FEMA updated its flood plain maps for the first time in 30 years.

“Like right now is the perfect time to review those preliminary maps,” said Jennifer Knecht with risk analysis in mitigation, FEMA Region 6.

In reviewing the 2019 flood plain maps for Archer County, emergency management coordinator Shane Wright said not much has changed from the last time they were updated.

“For the most part,” explained Wright, “there’s not that broad of a flood plain in Archer County.”

Which works out well for those living in city limits. But not so much for those in what's considered the unincorporated county areas... where most of the flood plains are.

"Depending on how much of the land is impacted by the flood plain will also impact your market value.>

Having sold rural property in North Texas for almost twenty years, Matt McLemore with Mossy Oak Properties said having these flood plains map more readily available to buyers can only help when it comes to figuring out insurance.

“I would suggest any buyer looking to buy a property find out, or have his broker find out, if it lies in a flood plain,” he said, “especially if they want to build a new residence because that’s going to effect his cost on the insurance side.”

And even though the public still has 90 days to submit any appeals to FEMA...

“Really talking to your insurance agent now if there’s been any changes on your property is the wisest course of action,” added Knecht.

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