Tips and calls from citizens help first responders

Citizen tips help first responders

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Every time there is a terror attack or a mass shooting, we always hear if you see something, you say something. Police and fire departments have preached it to us for years. In the last week tips and calls from residents in Texoma have really helped first responders.

From grass fires to flagging down police officers on patrol in four cases in just a week. It was those tips from residents that began first responders’ crucial efforts to keeping our communities safe.

“Anyone of these firefighters they are all standing ready to answer the calls, but it really takes the community to make that initial call and get help coming quick,” Rodney Ryalls, Burkburnett Fire Chief said.

Staying alert and calling 911, that’s the advice Chief Ryalls hopes everyone takes, especially when the weather conditions can easily spark fire.

“Times like now we're in what’s really known as our winter wildland season and all of the vegetation is dead and dry around us and it doesn’t really take a lot to start these fires,” Chief Ryalls said.

That quick response is what Burkburnett residents had after two separate fires broke out in the last few days, one being just a mile from Zac Thornton’s home.

“We were just pulling out of our driveway and we looked out and we saw smoke starting to happen,” Thornton said.

After his call to 911, fire fighters quickly made their way to the fire, getting it under control, saving not only his property but his neighbors.

“That's what we do out here we try to look out for each other out here,” Thornton said.

That call can happen at anytime, when I got to the station firefighters were getting ready to assist other units in Freebirg Cooper. What Zac did is exactly what Chief Ryalls hopes everyone will do.

“If people see smoke and they detect something it’s vitally important they call 911 right away,” Chief Ryalls said.

When people are looking out in their communities, there’s a good chance it could keep us all a little safer.

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