New Army campaign highlights STEM jobs

New Army campaign highlights STEM jobs

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - It is the job that is always looking to hire, but it has 40 years since the “Be All You Can Be” campaign debuted on people’s T.V. screens. Recruiters are trying a different approach focused on STEM jobs.

“In order to keep up with the times, recruiters are on social media,” recruiter John Baker said. Social media has helped their office, located in Wichita Falls, get the word out about events.

They say their goal is about meeting their audience where they are. It is why they even show up to events in casual attire because they find they are more approachable to Generation Z, who they are mostly trying to reach.

“We delivered water bottles for the football teams for the all the high schools. We've had meetings with the president of Vernon College and are getting ready to start branching out to the university,” said Station Commander Shannon Russell.

They are not only using social media to do it. The Army's newest campaign aims at showing young recruits what careers are available if they join – careers that are not focused entirely on combat.

Recruits are still required to pass a physical test, a written test, and get security clearance. Also, active duty assignments are based on the Army’s needs, but the say those needs are mostly in support jobs.

“The army is such a huge organization. We have more support jobs than we have combat jobs,” Baker said.

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