Therapy dogs helping relieve stress at MSU Texas

Therapy dogs at MSU Texas

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - While it's known as the most wonderful time of the year but for college students, it's the most stressful. Tonight at MSU Texas their students go some much needed relaxation in the form of some furry friends.

Therapy dogs, they can be a way for the students cramming for exams to hit the pause button, take a breath, and take a moment not thinking about tests.

It's why sophomore Ellie Mahan found herself in the library.

“I come every day during finals week and it’s a really nice way to de-stress,” Mahan said. “The dogs are just really comforting and you get to love on this giant dog, I love how they have really big dogs here too.”

Both students and the does filled the second floor, taking a break from the books to enjoy some mutual love.

“I’m a big dog lover and so I’m usually at the humane society a lot and so I was like I’ll just come out plus why not, they’re dogs,” Allyson Pena, a radiology sophomore at the event said.

The dogs here tonight are trained for years by the Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls.

“We started with puppy classes and then we've gone on to get certified as therapy dogs,” Janet Brown, one of the volunteers said.

Her dogs have been doing events like this for years, between both Neva and Misha, her two Russian Wolfhounds, have got over 550 therapy visits under their collars.

“All of the students are so receptive to the dogs and they love is coming and we’ve been coming now for five years,” Brown said. “The dogs love it and the students love it and the handlers love it. It’s a good situation for all of us.”

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