WFISD talks news programs for teacher recruitment

WFISD board meeting: plan for teachers

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -Tuesdays WFISD board meeting was all about accountability on all levels.

Principles from schools with failing and low Texas Education Agency (TEA) Accountability grades gave progress reports of where they are now and improvement that they have made. Some include students tracking their own growth, teacher development, and walkthroughs. Many of the schools have also added clubs, mentors and volunteers into their schools.

The school board also looked at factors that are hindering growth. One of the central themes amongst schools that presented was a need for more certified teachers that will stick around year after year.

Superintendent Michael Kuhrt said, “We still currently have 18 vacancies and so we plan to recruit teachers differently this year. We plan to do it with an online campaign and use social media. So we have set aside the funds to do that. We have also come up with an incentive plan.”

That new plan will allow new teachers to receive a stipend each December they stay at their schools. Members of the board hope this will reduce the high turnover rates they are seeing. The plan is called the Strategic Compensation plan and is for campuses that are economically disadvantaged.

With more than 300 substitutes registered to work in the district. Superintendent Kuhrt says on a daily bases 7% of classrooms go unfilled so the board is working to address that issue as well.

On Thursday discussion will continue and the board will talk more about the long-range facility plans.

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