BREAKING UPDATE: Carlile sentencing phase outcome

Carlile sentenced to life in prison

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - UPDATE - 12/12/2019 at 10:55

Carlile’s punishment phase began at 9 a.m. on Dec. 12, the decision came down to both aggravated assaults being recommended at life in prison by the jury, along with a $10,000 fine. The other six charges were all recommended at 20 years in prison and $10,000 fine each. The jury recommended maximum sentencing.

The judge agreed with the decision of the jury.

Jason Wayne Carlile sat down on Dec. 10 in 78th District Court to face witnesses as the trial began on this sexual assault of a child case.

A jury of seven men and five women have been selected in this case.

The jury started hearing witness testimony Tuesday afternoon.

This trial was expected to last over two weeks, but 48 hours later, the jury had found Carlile guilty on 8 of the 11 charges after less than 20 minutes of deliberation.

One witness, Carlile’s sister, testified that Jason Carlile began making sexual advances on her when she was only five or six years old.

She maintained that the sexual abuse continued periodically until she was 18.

Jason Wayne Carlile was facing four counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and five counts of sexual assault of a child.

He was found guilty of two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and six counts of sexual assault of a child.

Carlile will be held in custody until his punishment is decided tomorrow morning.

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