Bowie seeking $9.3 million loan for sewage repair

Bowie seeking $9.3 million loan for sewer work

BOWIE, Texas (TNN) - The city of Bowie is applying for a multi-million dollar grant to replace and repair their sewer lines.

Bowie’s city manager said the city’s been working for a while now to repair their sewer and water lines in pieces, and it’s beginning to cost them too much money.

That's why they're hoping this nine-point-three-million-dollar loan will help them increase efficiency with how the city's water and sewer are handled.

“If we get these problems fixed it’ll probably be good for the next 30-40 years without any problem but we have to get this fixed first,” Bert Cunningham explained.

Cunningham said right now the city’s sewer plant isn’t in compliance with the state of Texas. He said when there’s heavy rainfall the plant holds ten times more storm-water than sewage.

“It washes in grit and gravel, that is difficult for the pumping equipment, all the moving equipment at the treatment plant to handle,” said Mike Tibbets. Tibbets is the vice president of Hayter Engineering Inc, a company that has performed similar construction projects all over Texas for over sixty years.

Bowie has been consistently receiving grants, but the money hasn’t been enough to repair all of the sewage pipes.

Cunningham said he wants to use the money to replace all of them at once.

“We already knew that we had those problems," he said, “we’re just trying to do a broad attack on it instead of piece meddling it like we have been in the past.”

He said the city would receive a thirty year loan, but long term would save money without consistently having to repairing or unclogging sewage lines.

“It’s time to do something now,” he added.

It will be about six or eight months before the city finds out if that application has been approved by the Texas Water Development board, and then about a year until they could see repairs or upgrades beginning in city limits.

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