New 3-digit suicide hotline number on the way

New 3-digit suicide hotline number

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Suicide is the second leading cause of death in young people and with numbers in all groups higher than ever the FCC is now taking action. In an efforts to save more lives they have created a 3 digit suicide hotline.

“In my experience, the leading cause of suicide, no matter the minority or the age group or anything, is starvation," said Chandler Robertson, a council member for The Opal center. "The brain is just as hungry as the stomach is for validation, love, and good.”

The stats show the second leading cause of death in 15-24-year-olds is taking their own lives.

Chandler Robertson blames cyber-bullying and the constant pressure to fit in.

Suicide rates are also up in at-risk populations like the LGBTQ community and veterans.

Cynthia Brock with Red River Hospital says suicide claims the lives of 22 veterans and active-duty military personnel every day and altogether someone dies every 12 minutes.

“That makes it an overwhelming epidemic and I’m glad that the government is adding this new hotline to help people get help,” said Brock.

Right now, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline uses a 10-digit number but once in place people can quickly dial 9-8-8 for help similar to calling 911 for emergencies or 311 for city services.

The city Wichita Falls is not exempt from what’s going on nationally.

“I hate to say it but I think we are right on with the national statistics,” said Brock.

“Being feared or rejected or hated because of who you are makes you not want to be who you are," said Brock. "Most people feel the fastest way to do that is to take their own lives. A hotline inst going to fix that, but like I said, its a start.”

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