Base Camp Lindsey works to serve homeless

Base Camp Lindsey works to serve homeless

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Base Camp Lindsey hosted an annual event called Stand Down for the Homeless on Dec. 14 where they brought together several services and businesses to assist the homeless. There were also a few programs that were catered specifically towards homeless veterans.

“It’s where we give back to the homeless, where we collect the things that the folks on the streets need especially in the winter time," Base Camp Lindsey board chair Steve Halloway said. "We go to high schools, cafes and businesses and we put our drop boxes out and everybody contributes.”

Along with providing free haircuts, volunteers also served a fresh meal consisting of salad, pizza, bread sticks and spaghetti.

“This is the community coming together today and you can see it here today," Halloway said. "We gather food, all kinds of clothing items, hygiene items and things that they’re gonna need that’ll keep them going for just a little while.”

Halloway is also hoping events like this can help support Base Camp Lindsey.

“Base Camp Lindsey is not fully up and running just yet," Halloway said. "We’re still doing our capital campaign to raise finances so that we can get our business up and running. We like to help out wherever we can. This is one way we can do it because the logistics are low, we collect the goods, we bring them here and we give them out.”

Halloway said all the leftovers from the event will be given away at another event at the end of the month called the Church Without Walls.

“A lot of the homeless people come there to have their time with God," Halloway said. "I want to go down there, whatever we don’t give out today we will give out there.”

Organizations such as the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank, 2020 Census Bureau, First Step and Catholic Charities Fort Worth were in attendance.

“In April, we have an event coming up called Frontier Days where we bring in chuck wagons and we serve just like we did back in the cowboy days," Halloway said. "We’re gonna have that out at Iowa Park. They really helped us out a lot with that event. This is going to be our 4th year to do that out there and we’re looking forward to it.”

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