Railroad safety questions are on the rise

Iowa Park train incidents raise concerns about train track safety pkg

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - After 2 deaths within a month on train tracks in Iowa Park, the question that’s now being raised is if something need to be done to make the area safer.

We spoke with several people who have lived here almost their whole lives, and they told us that deaths like this are the first they have heard of, and that they don't think safety is the issue.

Lauren Hauger has lived in Iowa Park her entire life, and says she has friends who live right across the train tracks that cross them daily.

She says for them, figuring out whether a train is coming or not has never been an issue.

“They are good with laying on their horns and everything so you can definitely hear them when they’re coming,” said Hauger.

Jessica Devorsky with Texas Operation Lifesaver says that most rail related incidents happen within just a few miles of your home.

“It’s where we are most comfortable, and people think they can pick up their phone and check it really quickly but that’s not always the case,” sais Devorsky.

She says trains are closer and faster moving than you think, and to never assume that you can beat the train.

It is illegal to be on railroad property, and you can be fined if you are caught walking on the railroad tracks. The experts say it’s safer just to stay away from them no matter if a train is coming or not.

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