WF-WC Public Health District director speaks on first vaping-related death in the county

Four cases of vaping-related lung injuries have been reported in Wichita County

Wichita County Public Health District Director speaks on first vaping related death in the county

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Following an investigation with the Department of State Health Services, officials with the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District said a man in his thirties with a history of vaping died as a result of a lung injury.

Director of Health Lou Kreidler said he was admitted to the hospital because he was having respiratory issues.

Kriedler also said there have been four cases of vaping related lung injuries reported in Wichita County ranging from ages 18 to 49.

Texoma resident Wayne Moore sat down with News Channel 6 last fall to share about his 8-day stay in the hospital with illnesses that doctors linked to vaping.

“It kind of ruined my life and it’s changed my life now,” Moore said, “At the end of this journey now, here I sit with emphysema, and that’s not going to go away.”

He is one of 2,602 cases of vaping related lung injuries or deaths reported across the nation. Those numbers have law makers from the federal level to city government officials concerned.

A few months ago, Burkburnett City Commissioners voted on whether or not to ban the sale of flavored vape liquid. It was voted down.

Kreidler said while many vaping related injuries have been linked to products with THC and levels of Vitamin E, that's not the case every time. “What we know from the investigations that's been done throughout the state and from the CDC, is that there is a high incidence of those individuals that have EVALI that are related to THC and Vitamin E being added in. But, neither the state nor the CDC have found either a common product or a single type of e-cigarette or vaping device associated with that.”

The Public Health District is offering free classes to help people quit the habits of smoking and vaping.

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