P.E.T.S clinic and Wilbarger Humane Society team up for spay and neutering

P.E.T.S clinic and Wilbarger Humane Society team up for spay and neutering

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - At the start of December the Wilbarger Humane Society had completely booked its spay and neuter appointment for the month, but still had dozens more to do. Now with the help of the P.E.T.S. Clinic, they’re worrying less about that backlog.

“It’s just gotten overwhelming we haven’t been able to keep up with the demand,” Suzie Streit, office manager for the humane society, said.

On Jan. 15 the P.E.T.S. Clinic brought 22 animals from the Humane Society to Wichita Falls, spayed or neutered them and took them back all in the same day.

Wilbarger reached out for assistance first, and P.E.T.S was happy to help.

“The rural communities have the same problem with pet overpopulation like we do here in Wichita Falls," P.E.T.S marketing director Lisa Pettijohn said. "We spayed and neutered over 7,000 animals last year alone here at our clinic to help control that, so anytime we can get out and help in the rural communities to help with the same problem, stop overcrowding in the shelters, reduce euthanasia rates, that’s what P.E.T.S stands for.”

P.E.T.S received a grant from Petsmart that will help pay for new equipment that will let it do more operations at its new facility that is being built. The Humane Society received a grant from Walmart that will cover a new anesthesia machine.

It hopes to get more grants to make space for P.E.T.S to perform the surgeries on-site, rather than needing to drive back and forth in the future.

“They said that they would be able to, instead of transporting the 25, they’d be able to come here and do 45 in a day, which is a lot,” Streit said.

All to help reduce the growing animal population throughout the area.

“We’re hoping to clean up Wilbarger county and surrounding counties, hopefully, get those animals spayed and neutered, that will help cut down on the amount we have out here,” Streit said.

To schedule a spay or neutering you can contact the humane society if you’re in Wilbarger County and the P.E.T.S clinic if you’re in Wichita Falls or Graham.

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