Texoma farmers grateful for recent rain

Texoma farmers grateful for recent rain

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Over the last 36 hours, we have received at least 2.26 inches and counting of rain in Wichita County. We have been in drought like conditions for the last few months but this rain will help.

The rain isn’t just going to help the dry conditions but also the local farmers too.

“People really depend on that, this will make a huge difference. Wheat has just been sitting there and we need some forage production out of it and this will make a big difference,” David Graf, county extension agent for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, said.

Some farmers have help form irrigations but not many do in Wichita County.

“There’s just not many irrigations here," Graf said. “There are some over by Clay County but here in Wichita it is very limited. Whatever we get from rainfall is what we are able to depend on here.”

There are several reasons why this rain was so important, one of which is just below the ground.

“We were getting at the point that we needed what we call subsoil moisture in some locations so this will make a huge difference in how our farmers determine at planting time if we have some good subsoil moisture," Graf said. "They may go with one crop whereas if we don’t they may go with something else.”

“Well it’s been somewhat of a dry fall into winter so now that we have this rain here in late January it really gets some of the fertilizer that has been put out over the last few weeks implemented into the ground and should get the winter wheat back on track to where we want to be for this time of the year,” Wichita County farmer Matt Mahler said.

Mahler said he was tremendously grateful for recent rainfall.

“There is a lot of cattle that are grazing on wheat right now that some stock ponds were not necessarily running dry but definitely going low and this wheat is really a kick-start to get going again so we are always grateful for rain and we definitely needed this one,” Mahler said.

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