WF Small businesses growing in 2020

Small WF businesses growing in 2020

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - For small businesses early in the year is one of the best times to set up shop.

It comes in cycles and with a mix of a good economy and a supportive city, Wichita Falls is becoming the place to be for entrepreneurs.

“I believe that the small business health right now is very good, very healthy in our area,” Vanda Culler, regional director of the Small Business Development Center said.

In her 30 years with the center, Cullar has seen the cycles of new shops opening up.

“We certainly don't see anything slowing down we see the city, the chamber of commerce, everyone supporting small business,” Culler said.

That trend has continued growing for the last few years. Popping up in the last few weeks I spoke with some of those new additions to the Falls. NB Suits, Tuxedos, and Alterations’ mission in their first year, is to grow their brand.

“To have more people aware that we're here,” Crista Parker, the shops manager said.

They're not the only ones, Marybeth Cook's brought a bit more color to the city with here venture and after years work of prep.

“We opened January first of this year and we’re more than coffee, we’re home,” Cook said.

A coffee shop's a place Marybeth thought she would open but it's become her way of showing what she was capable of.

“This was unexpected but I had to do something quickly and I wanted to show my daughters that their mom could do something and i wanted them be proud of me,” Cook said.

Stories like these, Vanda Cullar believe are part of the recent business grow we’re seeing in Wichita Falls.

“It seems to me that this is a really good point in the small business life,” Cullar said.

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