New building codes could bring new businesses to Bowie

Bowie new building codes

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - New building codes in Bowie could result in more businesses and homeowners coming to that city.

Residents of Bowie have complained for years that the building codes are too restrictive due to the city still operating under the 2012 building and electrical codes.

Mayor Bill Miller says updating these codes will allow developers to use new materials that were not allowed.

“It’s not only for the commercial developers but also the residential, they get benefits on this too because of the cost savings with the type of materials they are using in the construction of these new buildings and homes,” said Miller.

Bowie had some developers wanting to do some projects that were not allowed under the old codes.

City Manager Bert Cunningham says that updating the standards on the codes will help maintain insurance rates at a lower cost.

“If you don’t change your code every 10 years to a newer code the fire ratings will go down and your insurance rates will go up,” said Cunningham.

One commercial developer that was building in Bowie says it was going to cost him about $45,000 more to build his building under the 2012 codes.

“I think the city will continue to grow and it will bring in more businesses and developers to come in more property in Bowie,” said Miller.

The updated codes passed in its first reading unanimously last week at Bowie City Council.

It will go in effect immediately upon passing after a second reading and vote next Tuesday.

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